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Sinus Relief Session

Sinus Point Release:

Sinus pressure is an uncomfortable problem that can result in a stuffy sensation in the nose, pain across the face and headaches. Pressure occurs when the open sinus passages become inflamed and swell, blocking the natural flow of air and mucus. Mucus becomes trapped, which results in built up pressure in the sinuses. There are many causes of sinus swelling and pressure, including allergies, infections, flu and colds. A Sinus Point Release session involves the Massage Therapist using nurturing, gentle strokes that relax the muscles of the face, neck, and shoulders while working pressure points to provide drainage and relief from sinuses.

During your Sinus Point Relief Session a special oil called White Flower Oil is used. This balm is known throughout the world. The product was developed in 1927 by Gan Geog Eng, a resident of Singapore.

The product is a blend of several essential oils and active ingredients from plant oils, according to the following formulation:




White Flower Oil is indicated for temporary relief of aches and pains of the muscles and joints, such as problems of backache, arthritis, sprains, bruises, and strains; it has also been found useful for headache and neck ache.

10 Minute: $15.00

**Sinus Point Release is generally used as an add-on to a Massage and must be requested at the time the appointment is made.


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